Create a Feng Shui Wallet

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

I noticed another interesting Feng Shui video, but this one is about doing Feng Shui on your wallet in order to bring in more prosperity and wealth into your life.

Step 1: Use a functional wallet that can hold your money.

Step 2: The color of the wallet is important.

  • A RED wallet creates wealth, good luck, and protection.
  • A GOLD wallet creates prosperity, wealth, and abundance.
  • A BROWN wallet has to do with stability, saving, and steadiness. My current wallet is a brown fake LV.

Step 3: Clean out your wallet to take out old energy, such as old receipts. I do tend to collect old receipts. Then, organize your money inside your wallet.

Step 4: Improve your wallet to create prosperity. (I don’t get this step, but it states to place $9, $18, $27, or $54 in a red envelope). I do have 2 or 3 red Chinese envelopes from three different “Year of the Rooster” events that I attended this year.  Place these red envelopes inside your wallets. In one of these three red envelopes, I received a two-dollar bill gift, while the other two envelopes had some coupons.

I decided to do this right away. I placed my Year of the Rooster red Chinese envelope with a two-dollar bill gift inside my red pouch, along with a small coin purse that has some good luck charms. I also had a functional wallet in a black and gold patchwork design, and I decided to place my coins in that wallet. I have a flat wallet for cards and my old fake LV wallet has other cards. So, now my purse seems organized in little pouches and wallet, and there is nothing loose inside my purse.


What do you think?

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