Building Your Company – Multitasking, Can It Be Done?

I own and run my own businesses, Life can and will get hectic from time to time. Some think owning your own is easy but not so much easy as one would think, but it can be done, if you can handle hard work.

Its not uncommon for people to have more than one job this day and time and for that reason some of us have to learn multitasking. But, when you are doing more than one thing at a time are you actually accomplishing anything on either task?

Some days I call this bouncing because I am doing so many thing in the same hour I can stop and look back and see what a mess I have made in all areas, nothing was actually accomplished.


Lets not give up on multitasking because I do think that it can be done if applied correctly. I will use my work as an example.

I am a full time landlady, A full time caregiver and a part time writer. But wait I am also diddling in another business, plants.

You may wonder how in this world can I do all these jobs and see anything accomplished? Its not easy some days but most days I do really well.

What I do first is try to make a schedule, although this can be hard at times for the most part I get it done and live by it because I know the needs for the coming week.

Most of the time the rental houses are occupied and I just have to do the small maintenance stuff, although one year had been the toughest and I do had to go the nine yards of eviction, when I do this I post the days on the calendar to make sure that I am on spot with the days, not allowing extra time to live free on me because that is the tenants point of court ordered eviction, how long can he get by with it? Fortunate for me they get put in court and I win that lost months of money back. But for the rest of the tenants I just collect rent and do a inspection every couple of months, they let me know if anything is wrong and I try my best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

The care giving job has been going fine but there are sick days that are expected to happen and I deal with those and running the rental business by phone if possible. I can also take him to his Uncles house and I can go to work if need be, but most of the time I take him with me 🙂 that`s right I load him up and he goes with me to collect rent, to handle arguments among tenants and neighbors, he will watch me paint and clean the rentals. I can just about do everything with him with me. Its good mental health for a patient to get out of the house and have some kind of life, or he would be stuck at home sitting in the dark house depressed because he is not able to get out and go but when with me I am doing all the driving and if he does not want to go in anywhere he will sit in the car or talk to neighbors/ people  that knows him and comes up. When he has doctor appointments I put those on the monthly calendar so I do not schedule anything else on that day.

And now to the NEW plant business : 

Back in January 2017 when things were slow in all my work I got the bright I idea to sell houseplants and produce.

So this began. I took cuttings off the houseplants I own, the mother plants, and I began the process. In the spring I sowed seeds and sold Squash and Zucchini, making back the investment right away and even a little profit.

Then the drought came and no more produce BUT I still have the house plants growing and becoming next years beauties.

Since its not to much care in house plants I just water and feed and thats all for the time being. A green house came up and I tried at it but things did not work out and I lost those plants but I kept the mother plants inside the house with me all Winter, but I learned what I did wrong and will have another go at it.

And last but not least, the part time writing :

I am just beginning this part of my life and I have started out with the “penny sites” and I have grown and learned from each and everyone of them. Plus those who did not pay me and those that are awesome and pays.

I love to write in the morning when I am having coffee and late at night when I am bored with T.V. but while doing the care giving job full time and being at home some days I use the down time to write.

Now the question is “Can multitasking be done?” And if planned properly I will say ” Yes!”

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


What do you think?

Written by Andria Perry