Unto the Third Generation – part 3

Born working class, a notch above poor, Edward and Nancy Rashford had done their best to survive.  Leaving school at fourteen to work, too poor to have a wedding, they had been married at the Registrar’s office.

They lived in a horrible tenement with their three  young sons until Nancy’s uncle took pity on them, and moved them into two rooms in his home. This insured they had food to eat, a clean place to sleep.

They worked hard and Edward decided to open his own business. Nancy supported his idea and together they turned a near derelict building into his dream.

When the business was successful, and they had enough money for repairs and furniture, they moved into the rooms above the business.

Edward worked all the time, Nancy was with him when the children were off to school. When the eldest, Eric, reached fourteen, he left school to help. His sacrifice enable his younger brothers to complete High School before joining the business.

The last child, David, was born when the family had become fully middle class. David, never lived in a tenement, nor with his mother’s uncle.

His first home was the large apartment above the business.

Where his elder brothers knew doing without and having to make do, David did not. He was born middle class, and was categorized rich by the  time he reached High School.

Where Eric could not afford to enter High School, David could attend University.

The Rashfords, now ranked in the upper class, with a good deal of money, bought a large house for the family, made various investments in  property.

Edward and Nancy began to enjoy the better things of life.


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