Bitcoin’s Price Drops by 9% in 24 Hours! So Too Do Other Major Cryptocurrencies:- March 6, 2018


The list below provides you with details of the US dollar price for buying, or selling, a Bitcoin (BTC); or any of the other four major cryptocurrencies listed: – Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and XRP (Ripple), as on:- March 6, 2018.

On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) and each of the following Cryptocurrencies listed below, were priced in US Dollars; as follows:

   – TUESDAY, 6 MARCH 2018 –

  1. Bitcoin – $10,585
  2. Ethereum – $812
  3. Bitcoin Cash – $1,185
  4. Litecoin – $195
  5. XRP – $0.9324

Brief summary analysis:

1. In the past 24 hours since Monday 5th of March, all of these five listed cryptocurrencies dropped in value as follows:

  • Bitcoin slid by – $1,053 – representing a substantial loss of 9.05%
  • Ethereum fell by – $50
  • Bitcoin Cash depreciated by – $98
  • Litecoin dropped by – $18
  • XRP(Ripple) eased down by – $0.0976

2. Bitcoin’s drop in value represents a relatively substantial loss of 9.05%.

3. The other four cryptocurrencies also lost values in single-digit percentages at around similar levels close to that of the Bitcoin.

4. The overall drop in value has to do with a number of mitigating factors, including that many Bitcoin investors are still profit-taking by selling off some of their Bitcoins. Also a few major institutions who are new entrants are still actively buying up Bitcoins and filling up their investment portfolios.

5. It is important to bear in mind that at this time last year, early March 2017; the bitcoin’s price was just below $2,000. Then Bitcoin’s very spectacular bull market happened as Bitcoin rapidly pushed upwards – faster and higher than anyone had imagined; until Bitcoin achieved a 12-month high of $20,000 in the third part of December 2017.

6. Since the beginning of 2018, Bitcoin’s price has unsuprisingly retreated in stages – primarily due to investors who had held on to their Bitcoins now taking their massive profits that were acquired in the later half of 2017.


7. This daily price list shows the prices of Bitcoin BTC (the world’s leading Cryptocurrency and four other selected Cryptocurrencies – Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and XRP (Ripple).

8. The above quoted prices are for the time-period around 19.30 GMT – particularly so selected.

9. These prices are applicable only for the day in question, and not any other day. Watch out for sharp price fluctuations happening during the day (ie intra-day trading prices volatility); particularly with Bitcoin (BTC).

10. My list provides you with price-details only in US Dollar prices.

11. This price checklist is not an investment recommendation being made to you, (or anyone else) to buy, or sell; or invest in Bitcoins, or any other Cryptocurrencies.

12. Make sure you know everything you need to know about Bitcoins, or any other Cryptocurrencies before you buy, or sell; or invest in them.

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To be continued.

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Written by Daniel Obiago

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