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Best Earning Websites/Apps Part 1

I decided to post a list of apps or websites that you can earn on.  I am only adding websites or apps that I have actually cashed out on.  Later on I may add more if I find new ones that pay.  I also am keeping the list open for submissions so that you can add your own if you know of any that I don’t list. I’ll also keep it open for voting so I can see which sites or apps you think are the best. I have been on many over the years and some have been great, and some not so great.  There have been some that were great but closed or stopped paying (for example; Triond, Bubblews, Redgage, Niume, etc…).

#1 Acheivemint

This is a website where you earn money for doing health related activities. You connect it to your devices (like fitbit) and your accounts (like twitter).  You earn points when you track your food and steps.  You can also earn points for tweeting something health related.  50,000 points = $50.  

I just earned my 50,000 today and am waiting for the $50 to be sent to my PayPal.  I thought you could only earn once, but it says I can earn $10 when I get my next 10,000 points. 

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How much do I earn?

1. You can Earn 500 BMF Coins per Referral

2. You can Earn equal to 30 BMF Coins per new thread

3. You can Earn equal to 25 BMF Coins per new reply

4. Lock tutorial, people must give 10 BMF Coins for entrée

5. You can Earn equal to 25 BMF Coins for Daily login your BMF account

6. You can Earn equal to 5 BMF Coins When somebody LIKES your post

Mainly, it's all about the quantity but if the quality is meager you'll be disqualified

What is the rate of BMF Coins?

1,000 BMF Coins = $1

It is a very good Forum to earn and the Admin is a proactive and a very friendly person , I am loving it and there are so many withdrawal proofs there. You can earn as much as you work there.

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#3 Mintvine

Mintvine is one of my favorite websites that you can earn on. On Mintvine, you mostly do surveys. There is a daily poll that you can do for 5 points. If you do 10 in a row, you get an extra 25 points. 100 points = $1. I've cashed out there three times already. I am up to 690 points for my 4th cash out (which would be equal to $6.90). 

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#5 Slidejoy

Slidejoy allows you make money to check trending news and to unlock your lock screen! Slidejoy pays you in cash or rewards you in gift cards (whichever you choose to redeem in) to have trending news and ads on your lock screen. Redeem cash rewards to your PayPal account or gift card rewards to your favourite retailers/brands. You can even donate the money you make from Slidejoy to give cash to charity! Make extra money online by downloading our free lock screen app today!

1,000 carats = $1.00 USD

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#6 AppLike

AppLike is a fun app offered for free in Google Play, where you can discover other new apps particularly in gaming that hands you rewards for downloading and playing them. The amount of points you get depends on how long you play in the app. For example: playing an app download through the sight for 1 minute may give you 50 points. More minutes=more points. The points vary with the games and the app tells you before hand. You can can get rewards, such as Amazon cards or cash out through PayPal. 5,000 points is 50¢ or 9,898 points is $1 or 47,067 is $5. You gain points fast and can easily cash out. Their money is given in euros, but you can always exchange the currency through PayPal. I have cashed out many times and all the apps they offer everyday are fun to download and play!

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