Asking these 9 Remarkable Questions could land you that dream Job!

You’ve received that long-awaited phone call or e-mail informing you that an interview has been scheduled, and all you feel is bliss!  But, are you prepared? 

Aside from the interviewer asking you questions, a candidate asking the interviewer questions would be both memorable and impressive.

TIP:  Don’t forget to bring your resume to your interview!

Written and copyrighted by Deb McCarthy 2017

#1 These 9 Questions will impress your Interviewer

1. I'm interested in some of the goals of this company (referring to short and long term.)

2. Regarding learning and development, what are some of the company's initiatives

3. Can I ask how long you've been with the company and what keeps you from jumping to a different or competing company?

4. How do you measure and review job performance?

5. Please describe a typical day for the position I'm applying for.

6. How would you describe the work culture in this company?

7. I'm interested if the company offers continuing education and personal training?

8. What skills, knowledge or experience do you feel are needed for this position?

9.  When will you be making your decision?


What do you think?

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    • Thanks for commenting. So much more professional to appear prepared with questions instead of fumbling around in your mind when you’re in the actual interview. I was watching a show and they said the one gigantic mistake that companies hate is people who don’t bring their resumes with them to the interview or are late!

      • Guess my choice if I employed someone is to know what they wanted straight off and if they were passionate about what they did when they worked.
        However in my experience, I have found they don’t just look at your resume but your connections and if Bob is your Uncle you get the job over some one who is not related. It happens in NZ all the time.
        A lot of people in Remurea, own the companies that do make appliances, and the people there buy from their friends.
        They have an old boys network who effectively and actively keep people out of a meaningful job.

        • Currently, the only option for some companies is to apply online, then have someone specifically hired to scrutinize resumes before it even gets to the interviewer. If that person says nay, then you don’t have a chance.

          I’m happy I’m retired as back in the ’70’s, you looked in the classifieds, either mailed or delivered your resume in person and the interviewer called you himself to arrange an interview and you could actually call back to see if a decision was made.