Intellectual Property & Protecting Your Creative Work (QUIZ: Part One)

This quiz is one in a series that tests your knowledge of the concepts, laws, practices, infringements, enforcements, statistics and penalties that govern intellectual property rights, copyrights, patents, trademarks, design rights, trade secrets and other related forms of intellectual property. Enjoy completing the quiz; and leave your score, comments and up-vote in the section below. Good luck.

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  • Copyright is created by law immediately, after a creative work has been produced by someone in order to protect the person’s work.

    • True
    • False
  • Which one of the following creations (or creative works) cannot be protected as an intellectual property?

    • Films/Videos
    • Ideas
    • Music
    • Writings
  • An invention has to be – “not obvious” to other people.

    • True
    • False
  • Which generic legal term refers to: “the exclusive monopoly given by the law to the owner of a creative work (or creation) that has been produced by the person from his or her intellect (or intelligence)”?

    • Counterfeit infringement
    • Design registration
    • Intellectual property
    • Trademark
  • Reproducing, distributing, or displaying another person’s creative work, without consent from that person is an offence, under the law. What is this offence technically known as?

    • Counterfeit infringement
    • Copyright infringement
    • Industrial Design infringement
    • Trademark infringement
  • What term refers to: “the exclusive rights automatically given by the law to the creator of an original work for an extended long period of time”?

    • Copyrights
    • Industrial Design rights
    • Patent rights
    • Trademark rights
  • How much worth to the U.S. economy each year are intellectual property (including patents & trademarks)?

    • About $800 Billion US Dollars
    • Just over $1 Trillion US Dollars
    • About $2 Trillion US Dollars
    • Just over $5 Trillion US Dollars
  • Which term refers to: “the right granted by a government to an inventor to exclude others from making, using, or selling the person’s invention; in exchange for the public disclosure of the invention”?

    • Copyrights
    • Industrial Design rights
    • Patent rights
    • Trademark rights
  • All, but one, of the following countries; deal with patent infringement cases under each country’s criminal law as a criminal offence. Which country does not do this?

    • China
    • Japan
    • Russia
    • United States
  • An industrial design right can also be referred to as: a “design right”, or a “design patent”.

    • Yes
    • No

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    • Hi. Nos 1 and 3 are 100% correct.Yes. Correct. Re no. 1 – copyright is an automatic protection by law provided as soon as a creative work is made. (Not to be confused with patents or trademarks or ISBN registrations). Re No 3 – inventions have to meet 3 criteria of which one of them is that ‘it must not be obvious to other people’. Thanks for playing.

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