3.28.29 Headlines

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Latest topics include:

Mark Zuckerberg is joining the Microsoft Foundation to help with the vaccines.

Tom Hanks has returned to America via Van Nuys Airport.  Tom Hanks, David Spade and Ellen Degeneres are creating hype about the Coronavirus to push certain ideas or agendas on the public. Who’s really listening anyway? They are creating fear for martial law and New World Order agenda.

Tom Hanks in the movie Castaways, takes about fried fish. Recently, Madonna tweeted about fried fish. So, fried fish symbolizes idolizing Albert Fish, who is a serial killer. He liked shoving metal pieces up his penis. That gay movie was a ritual. I thought it was boring and too long, anyway.

Chef or owner of Red Hen wrote about how to cook humans.

Doreen Virtue is now a born-again Christian, but still selling her tarot cards on Amazon.

Roseanne Barr sold her soul to the industry for fame and money.

Social Distancing has to do with disconnecting people from associating with each other and sharing information.

Luke Perry signed something, and he suddenly died…which is a sign of something suspicious.

In 8 months, more new information will be revealed. 4 missing kids will appear.  Dead kids want everyone to pray for them.


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