All About Energy Drink Market Share

In the last couple of years the energy drink industry had tremendous growth. Energy drinks are part of a wider soft drink branch, that includes carbonated beverages, sports drinks, ready to go tea and coffee. The market analysis has shown that the consumers have been buying less amount of soda and increased amount of number of energy drinks.

Energy drinks were introduced by Red Bull in the U.S in 1997. The Austrian company started the energy drink revolution and now the product is sold in 167 countries. Today Red Bull enjoys about 43% of the energy drink market securing the first place.

Red Bull rival Monster, generated a lot of revenue in the past couple of years. They are close to number two behind Red Bin the energy drink market. Even though there are small players in the market owned by big companies, those two dominate it every year. Monster has a 39% market share, the company has a clear goal of surpassing Red Bull in the upcoming years.

The third place belongs to Rockstar, solid company that enjoys 10% of the market share.

The other brands that are worth mentioning are NOS and AMP, each having market share about 3%

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Graphic Display of the Market Share


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