Women and Men Often Ask How I Know


Women often ask me how I seem to know and understand women so well. Men often ask me how I seem to know and understand women so well. First, how I respond has to do with whether or not the person asking me the question is present with me when they ask or whether or not they ask by email or online chat. Second, how I respond has to do with whether or not I know the person or have some level of engagement with the person asking the question. I need to quickly acquire a sense of the motivation for being asked. I want to know why and this is where I make a judgment call. If I have any sense of the person asking the question seeks information solely to manipulate or seduce men or women, I respond, “Because I am unclear about your motivation, I am unable to answer your question at this time.”

Adults have many options for getting to know each other for whatever their motivation; access to some form of influence, money, casual sex, or something significantly more. That is adult choice. When we do not know we are being manipulated and seduced in the interest of the other person without regard for our humanity; that is emotionally criminal.

It is tantamount to someone having sex with our body while we are drunk and incapable of consent. The tragedy is many of us enjoy thinking we are competent masters of manipulation and seduction as long as we get what we want. That is emotional criminal.


Getting what we want can happen without this snake in the grass seducer song of the sirens seductress approach. We can do so by simply being mature adults, by being present with others that interest us, and by expressing our interests in persons and experiences we believe would enjoy with them. It is theirs to make their own adult choice in our interest or not.


Don’t you want to be responsible for what you do instead of being tricked, manipulated, or seduced into doing something someone else wants you to do without you knowing their real motivation until it is too late? PULL YOUR OWN STRINGS. THAT IS NOT ANYONE ELSE’S RESPONSIBILITY OR PRIVILEGE.

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