Idiocracy– The Entrance of Big Brother

In George Orwell’s literary masterpiece, 1984,   ‘Big Brother is Watching.’ was a slogan on posters all over the country.     There were television screens everywhere.   One had no privacy and didn’t expect to.  One felt ‘safe’ knowing that everything they did, said, was being watched.

In this world, the ‘real world’  since the start of the century it is not just the security cameras hidden every where, it is the cell phone which is ‘watching’.

Not just any cell phone, but those ‘Smart Phones’ which totally captivate and control their owners.

Considering that one is dealing with a population which has been dumbed down over the years,  the fact they carry their controller with them is never considered.

If told that everything on a cell phone is monitored, that all calls, texts, etc. are captured, the average person, with an I.Q. Of  89 would not appreciate the significance.

With such a defective intellect, the average person is available for manipulation by anyone who has the interest or power.

The process to move an entire population from a level where 100 was the average I.Q. In 1950 to 89 in 2000 was done in measured steps.


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