Why Smoking is Injurious to Health?

Cigarette has dozens of inconvenience to the body, and now the latest news is that cigarettes reduce oxygen in blood and the main nutrients do not reach to the muscles, which result in physical weakness. Apart from smoking respiratory diseases, weigh the body’s muscles. This research also shows that smoking reduces the blood veins directly in the legs and it starts to become weak.

American, Brazilian and Japanese specialists have done their first research in which they have noted negative effects on smoking muscles. Scientists kept the mice in smoking for 8 weeks, in which smoking of tobacco in the mice was inserted or they contained a solution filled with cigarette smoke.

After eight weeks, the smoke inserted mice muscles were found weak and decreased by 34 percent. Blood-veins of blood reach the muscles, reach blood and other important ingredients, And the veins disappeared, the blood, oxygen, and nutrients could not reach there and their legs began to weaken. According to doctors, decreases by 43% in muscles and their associated veins means that the rat is vulnerable to skin fatigue, pain and weakness and it only causes only 8 weeks due to cigarette.

However, experts are unable to tell which citrus cigarette chemicals cause it, because tobacco contain thousands of hazardous ingredients and chemicals. This is the first research study of its nature, which has shown that smoking also is very dangerous for muscular muscles.


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