Kick the Habit of Smoking to Live Longer

Most people are aware that smoking is not good for the health. It was also indicated in every pack of cigarettes that danger of smoking. But still, smokers are so hard-headed and in denial the possible diseases that may bring to them. In fact, some smokers wanted to stop and cannot able to do. It is because of being hooked on this habit. Their body system cannot stop because of the effect of nicotine. It is a simple logic that the body needs to have nicotine and puff more cigarettes to sustain the needs.

Kicking off this habit is not easy. It should have the strong will to stop puffing the cigarettes. There are so many available ways to stop it. But then, it takes time the will to stop. It can use smoking e-cigarettes, patches, etc. That would be possible to quit the habit. But then, withdrawal effect will turn bad. It should be done in the proper way of withdrawal.

First, the person has the will to stop it. Then, he or she can smoke by gradually decreasing the cigarettes per week. Next, he or she can alternate the usage of e-cigarettes. Finally, they can detach themselves from smoking tobaccos and depended to vapor smoking.

I doubt if a person can gradually lessen the sticks of cigarettes on a daily basis. It is possible if they do the conventional way such having candies and stick the stick of cigarette in between the mouth or even chew nicotine gums. As long as the smoker has its goal to stop, it would not be effective if there is no will to stop it.

Some countries, they do have facilities for the smokers to sobering stopping the habit. In other countries, they are not fortunate to have such facility and smokers rely on the conventional way. Either way, it is still the same effect to sober and wanting to turn a new leaf.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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