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Tips for Preventing Acne


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Some researchers link stress and anxiety with the severity of acne and pimples. What’s making you feel stressed?

Keep your face clean!

Whether or not you have acne, it is very important to wash your face twice a day to remove extra oil, dead skin cells and impurities from your skin’s surface. Use warm water and a mild facial cleanser. Gently wash it with your hands or a soft cloth and then dry your face with a clean towel.

Use makeup sparingly!

During holidays, avoid wearing foundation, powder or blush. When you wear makeup, wash it off at the end of the day. Oil-free cosmetics without added chemicals and dyes are always a good choice.

Watch what you put on your hair!

Avoid using gels, pomades, oils and fragrances on your hair. If they get on your face, they can irritate your skin. If you have long hair, keep it pulled away from your face. Oily hair can add to the oil on your face, so wash your hair often.

Keep your hands off your face!

If you don’t want to irritate your face, then avoid touching your face. Never pick or pop pimples with your fingers as it can lead to scarring and infection!

Feed your skin!

Most experts say that chocolate don’t cause acne. Still, it makes sense to avoid junk food and add more vegetables and fruits to your meals. Foods high in processes sugar and dairy products may trigger acne, so try to avoid them!

Exercise daily!

Regular exercise is not only good for your skin, but for your whole body. Shower right after exercise.
When in doubt, ask a dermatologist to see if you need more treatment to prevent or stop acne or pimples.


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  1. Use makeup sparingly? When I was about 14 years old, my cousin told me I could get away with wearing no makeup for the next 4 years and when I was 18 I should use just a touch here and there to accent my natural youthful beauty. She said not only would it save money on buying cosmetics but it would save the wear and tear on my skin. I followed her advice. She was right!

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