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The world may not be going completely mad, but it looks as though Ohio is

The state of Ohio has just passed into law a decree that doctors who remove an ectopic pregnancy from a woman must re-install it in the uterus, otherwise they could be held to be guilty of “abortion murder”.

For those who don’t know, an ectopic pregnancy occurs when a foetus implants itself outside the uterus – usually in the fallopian tube. The chances of such a foetus surviving to birth are extremely unlikely, although it has happened, and this failure is usually because there is insufficient blood supply to allow the foetus to develop.

The health of the mother is severely compromised if she has an ectopic pregnancy, and in past centuries this was a common cause of maternal death. It is essential that the ectopic pregnancy is removed as early as possible, not only to save the mother from pain and distress but also to remove the possibility of her being unable to have babies in future.

However, the anti-abortionists of Ohio have got the crazy notion that an ectopic pregnancy is a potential human being, and that it must be placed in the uterus so that it can develop normally.

As every obstetrician knows, this is such a remote possibility as to to be regarded as virtually impossible. Nobody has ever succeeded with such a procedure, which is why it is never attempted. To do so could easily cause further damage to the mother and render her incapable of ever bearing children successfully in the future.

But – in Ohio – not to do everything to turn a bunch of harmful cells into a baby counts as an abortion, and anyone who procures one – for any reason – is therefore a murderer.

Absolute madness!


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  1. This won’t make it out of federal appellate court. While I do understand why states keep pushing against Roe v Wade, at some point the majority of taxpayers will revolt.

    There are many countries that have complete abortion bans as well.

    • The really stupid thing here is the attempt to make criminals out of medical professionals for not doing something that they know would not work.

      What needs to happen is for a test case to be heard and for it to go to federal appeal. As you say, that might well end this nonsense.

      • it probably will and the case I am sure will be filed in the next few days. 4 have happened because of the US political climate in four states (Mississippi, Louisiana and two others ) and two have already been struck down.

  2. Ohio has always been sort of mad. Rep. Jim Jordan has been a US representative for 12 years, but he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State when the team doctor, Dr. Richard Strauss, was sexually assaulting some of the wrestlers. It’s sort of strange that this doctor has the same name as the famous classical composer. Here’s the link from the Washington Post –

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