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Starting a New Month with New Routine

Saturday, 6.1.19

It is the beginning of another month, and it is almost summertime. On the first day of June, I started taking the Horse Chestnut Extract capsule, which is supposed to create healthy vein circulation by strengthening my veins. It is herbal, vegetarian, and over-the-counter. I am also wearing the compression open-toe socks. I hope it works. I take it in the morning, along with my multivitamin and L-Tyrosine. 

It looks cold and cloudy this morning. 

I also wiped my toenails that have nail lacquer layers with nail polish. I decided to start another week of the nail lacquer treatment. The left toe looks like it has less white area. But the right toe still has the bruise and some white fungus stuff. With the toes, it is hard to tell. The pinkies’ nail look hard. 

My new routine for this month involves working to improve feet and legs appearance. I am currently in hiatus from the meetup groups. I might just do light exercises at home, as well as maybe ride my bike and take some short walks. 


What do you think?


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