Is social media becoming the cause of suicide among youth?

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Social media is affecting youth in many ways because it is causing criticism, emotional weakness, and other psychological disorders.

In the United States, serious community  are very upset with the growing numbers of suicide  of boys and girls, and in their opinion it can be Facebook and social media.

Statistics show that the trend of youth in the past two decades was decreasing, but a clear increase has been seen in the year 2010 to 2015. Experts are trying to know why and finding out the reason behind.

There is no clear answer in this case, but according to psychologists and social experts, the criticism of the Internet, cyber-bullying can be due to it. According to them there are all the accessories for mental disadvantages of teenagers on social media.

After a number of young boys and suicide of the girls in the United States, a survey was conducted on the use of social media and its effects, a 17-year-old girl in Colorado told her that she is considered to see photos and posts of Instagram. Under this campaign, teenagers were asked to spend offline time. In this campaign the youth have been told to stay offline for at least a month and stay away from the internet.

Another 17-year-old Klee E-Schilling said that the worst way to social media media is not going to post anything about them. According to CDC in the United States, a large population of 13 to 18 years in the United States is on the Internet. A survey involves 5 lakh teen boys and girls 13 to 18 years. He was asked about his meeting with friends and social relations and social media about his mode and suicide investigations were also conducted.

What was the point of view from this study after five million teenagers’s studies was that the participants do daily on their smartphone for five hours daily and this rate was 8% in 2009, which increased to 19 percent in 2015. . Now more than 5 hours of a day, children who had more than one hour used to do more than 70 percent of their views of suicide in playing with smartphone.

In 2015, 36 percent of the participants said that they feel depressed and indifferent, while in 2009 it was 32 percent. The rate in girls was noted upto 45 percent by 2015. People who went to social media repeatedly were 14% more depressed than the remaining people. Because of this, there are posts on social media that can be seen by some confusion and anxiety.

Dr. Jane Tenge, head of this survey, is a professor of psychology at San Diego University. She says parents should look at their teenage children and set the time limit for using a smartphone for them. However, a doctor of youngsters, Dr. Victor Strawberger, says that further research is needed.

According to Dr.Victor, some people do not think social media is responsible for it and illustrates that when Comic Boxes in the US come, when the TV’s debut began, and when the Rock and Roll raises the ritual, the people said that now the world’s end to end It’s close but it does not happen. However, social media is an important source of double criticism, and here people remain confidential, and we have to understand the negative force.


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