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Siberian aronia…

Aronia is a family of roses. It is believed to originate from the American continent. It was brought to Siberia in the early 19th century, because it is perfectly tolerant of low temperatures. Nurseries that are the fruit of a bushy plant are considered the strongest natural antioxidants. It is also a leafy aronia leaf, from which tea is usually made.Siberian aronia is well tolerated by cold winter and frost to -45 ° C. It grows and forms a bush and, if there is enough space, it can reach a height of about 2 meters. The edible and medicinal part of the plant is a fruit that has a little bitter taste of blueberries.The medicinal properties of aronia are difficult to enumerate, but some of them are not absent, but we will list the most famous: it stimulates circulation, cleanses blood, alleviates headache and migraine, lowers elevated blood pressure, acts favorably on the stomach and intestines, stops diarrhea, improves the immunity of the body, prevents development of viral and bacterial infections.Particularly emphasized is its beneficial effect on the lungs and the liver because it cleans and facilitates the proper functioning of these organs.

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