Isolation Street

Sofia, Bulgaria – 18 April 2020: In the city during the COVID – 19 epidemic, almost deserted streets. Isolation street. 

Day 37… 

New fashion accessories… 

Even someone joked that swimwear would be your 3 pieces – a bikini and a mask.

I also wear a mask (it is necessary) but I am not in tune with fashion 🙂 

The ones I use are blue or white. 

I look forward to the moment when I will take them down and burn them!


What do you think?


Written by Georgi Tsachev

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  1. We have a new industry, fancy masks. People come out with all sorts of fabulous masks they’ve made themselves or have bought from someone who made it themselves.

    Today I had ‘hands of blue’ as I wore gloves to the supermarket. With my mask and gloves and wrapped up I felt it was Halloween.

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