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Immunity Tips

It is interesting to check out the newest studies on fighting off illness and boosting immunity. It turns out that your grandmother may have known most of the best ideas. Still, it is good to be reminded and they might be new to some.

~Move to the Music

The stress hormone cortisol is not your friend, it is more of a necessary evil. It can run amuck. How do you stop it? Listen to music, sing, and dance. Why? It curbs the cortisol and boosts the virus-fighting antibodies. So go ahead and shake it.

~How about Fuzzy Socks

According to the University of Cardiff, they learned that fuzzy socks reduce the risk of getting ill by a whopping 61%. How does that work? When your feet get cold the vessels throughout your body tighten.  The result of that tightening is that the white blood cells are able to travel as quickly around the body to efficiently get where they are needed.

~ Dark Chocolate

Perhaps things are not going so well and you got that cold. Studies show that eating a little dark chocolate reduces the length of a cold by 40%. For me that is huge. Dark chocolate has plant-based compounds that are very beneficial.

None of the seem horrible to me, so I believe it’s worth giving them a try! 

Here’s some music to get you started!


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