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I Need a Refresh

Friday, October 5, 2018

I just noticed that my gray is starting to show along the crown area. So, it is that time again. I probably also need a haircut. I am considering doing a bob with bangs, and then coloring my hair the Burgundy Henna shade of the henna brand I use. I will probably do it this weekend, but I am not sure when. Usually a haircut and henna rejuvenates my look. So, I probably need to do this. But I will probably get the latest bob style since I have probably tried every bob style. I am considering a layered bob because I have fine hair. I hope I get a hairstylist that knows what she or he is doing because I sometimes get idiots who either don’t know about different hairstyles or they just don’t understand English, or maybe they are just acting stupid.


What do you think?


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