How To Have a Normal Relations With Your Ex – Others

There are people who used to be in your life.   Maybe they were colleagues or neighbours, maybe even relatives. 

Something happened;  and now they are ex-colleagues, ex-neighbours, ex-relatives.   These are people you have cut out of your life and would not include their name in a guest list.

Some have really hurt you.   Some, not so much.

To harbour grudges, to stew in memories, is a waste of time and effort and brain cells.  You have to become indifferent.

It can not be that if you see them you immediately remember that….

You have to push the past into the past and you do that, with persons who mean little to you by simple distraction.

When you see Bob, you stole your project, or Mrs. Grabby who was a noisy nasty neighbour,  concentrate on their hair, or jacket or shoes, or anything to divert your attention, and the memory.

Instead of seeing; (oh that nasty Bob who stole that project…) see…(looks like he’s dyed his hair).  This simple distraction works wonders.

For you never want to dig up old pains for nothing.


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Written by jaylar


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