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The Healing Properties of Herbs

Among the plants that grow in fields, forests and meadows are a huge number of herbs that have medicinal value. In this natural green pharmacy, we can find the remedies for cold and cough, diseases of the heart and nervous system, stimulating the healing process of wounds and ulcers,and also treating other skin diseases. Many of them are used as a haemostatic that improve appetite and normalize the stomach, liver, kidney, heart and blood vessels.

The healing properties of medicinal plants depend on the active ingredients, which are synthesized by the plants from inorganic substances in soil, water, carbon dioxide and air, under the influence of light energy. These biologically active substances are produced during the life of plants and accumulate in their bodies. They are chemical compounds that have on the animal organism specific physiological and pharmacological effects that can restore and normalize the patient or the disease process.

The healing power of plants has been known to mankind since ancient times. In folk medicine, herbal medicine has been and remains the main type of treatment. Increasing in this age of industrial pollution of the biosphere, the frequent use of antibiotics, chemical synthesis of drugs led to an increase in allergic diseases, medical complications,reducing the human immune system. All these factors contribute to the increasing interest in the use of herbs in medical practice.

The use of herbal medicines is important for treatment. Due to the fact that the biologically active substances are complex chemical structures, their production is costly and time-consuming, and these substances from plants stand out easily. Drugs created from plant materials do not have side effects including allergic reactions that are common today.Science can not only expand the range applied to medicinal plants, but can also put into practice the health of all new species.


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