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Strawberries or cherries?

Of course, many of us like the both, but I can’t ever decide myself which one is healthier than other.

Why I should use strawberries?

Although the strawberries were discovered more than 2000 years ago in Virginia by the first explorers in 1588, and it was possible to find strawberries in Europe as well in America, the first “domestic” strawberries were planted in France to the end of the 13th century.

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The strawberries have an antibiotic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, tonic, nutritive, reminiscent, alkalinizing and cholesterol lowering effect. They are used not only for their therapeutic proprieties, but also for beauty and nutrition. To improve the health, is it recommended to use not only the fruits, but the leaves of strawberries too. Having a high level of vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, proteins and sugars, are the strawberries recommended to be used for treatment of rheumatism, renal diseases, gout, constipation, arterial hypertension, liver disorders, eczema, insomnia, acne, obesity

The vitamin C contained into strawberries produces the collagen that prevents the appearance of wrinkles, maintaining the elasticity of skin. Consuming strawberries will the level of lipids from blood be reduced, and so is the risk of the accumulation of cholesterol on the walls of the arteries reduced. The strawberries are reducing the inflammations of joints, and therefore the risk of arthritis is lowered. Due of the fact that strawberries are keeping a normal blood pressure they are considered as the best fruits for the heart’s health.

The strawberries keep also the body weight under control, because they contain only few calories, and that’s why they are recommended to be eaten during the diets. A cup of strawberries contains only 55 calories, and used before training, will help to burn calories.

Skin masks made from strawberries mixed with yogurt and lemon will treat the oily skin and acne.

Why I should use cherries?

The first thing coming into my mind is the benefit of cherries tails tea that helps to remove the water retention from body. That’s the first thing coming into my mind while thinking to the healthy benefits of cherries, but not the first thing while thinking to the wonderful taste of cherries.

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Otherwise, is it not very known the fact that cherries are a natural source of the melatonin, a hormone responsible with the rest cycle’s regulation. Eating few cherries before going to sleep will provide us a good rest through the night. Many people facing heart attacks were discovered by doctors with a low level of melatonin. Therefore, the problem could be solved and prevented eating cherries.

Another benefit of cherries is revealing on human brain, protecting the brain cells and preventing dementia.

The cherries are helping the athletes to remove the muscles pains after training, as well the people suffering by gout, the most severe form of arthritis.

Another benefit, but not the last, is the reduction of cancer cells, especially of colon cancer cells.

Well, to eat cherries or to eat strawberries? That’s the question:) 

Im thinking I will eat the both, because I have nothing to lose, only to reach a drop of better health than I have.

What do you plan to do?


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  1. Very good information about both fruit! I was not aware of all the health benefits associated with both of these! Strawberries are always on my shopping list, but I must remember to add cherries to that now!
    Thank you!

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