Covid-19 Solitude

I admit, I’m luckier than most people.   I don’t mind my own company.  Since I was a child, if I wasn’t outside riding my bike, skating playing ball,  I was inside,  alone in my room, reading or drawing or writing.

When  computers arrived, they replaced books.

Last year, if I wasn’t out, I’d be locked in my room, on my computer.   Being alone, for me is pretty normal and not lonely.

I know people who can’t stand their own company.  In fact, being alone puts them into a near panic.

So they are surely worse off than me.

And many countries are worse off than Jamaica.

There are now there are 163 confirmed cases,  5 deaths and 25 recovered..  

We’ve  locked down the country, prevent crowds, quarantined certain areas, practice social distance, wear masks, sty in, so as a nation we aren’t doing too bad.   

Although no one likes lining up to get into a supermarket, or being unable to buy clever sneakers or wander around, we cope.

They announced all those 75 years and older are to stay inside.   I know few are going to listen as they need to get to the pharmacy and supermarket.

The toilet paper frenzy has eased a bit.  People have gone from buying a gross to picking up  one or two rolls.

No one sneezes or coughs in public in fear of lynching.  

Speaking of that;  I don’t see any Chinese in public.

There are a lot of Chinese in Jamaica;  I don’t mean the locals whose  ancestors came nearly 100 years ago and are Jamaican; I mean people direct from China who are doing this Belt and Road thing.

Use to be crowds of them would be in the plaza all the time.  Now, not one.

The BBC is usually all coronavirus all the time.  Our T.V. is about 90% Covid-19, a few murders getting a minute mention on the news and a few programs airing.

It is just like a zombie apocalypse.


What do you think?


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