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Complete Your Hair Cut with Your Favorite Eyeglasses

To accomplish a fabulous style, it cannot just begin and end with your hair cut. There are many other factors come under consideration like make-up, clothes, jewelry (for females). And more thing that you would not believe is RX safety glasses if you are eye wearer. If you are eye wearer, you would aware of how it is difficult to bring off an excellent hairdo. A fabulous hair cut is difficult in this sense if you are constantly wearing your glasses by keeping away your hair from your frame. That really creates a mess that you always have to combat with your hair and frame.

When you look towards a suitable frame, you will try to match it with your skin tone or face shape. You would probably your everyday routine and visual needs that they change constantly. But don’t you think you are completely ignoring your hairstyle, hairdo, and even hair colors. Because these factors completely effect on your look and don’t forget to match your prescription safety glasses frames with a haircut. Get some cool tips if you are buying a new pair of glasses and haircut. With the help of these tips, you can pull off a great style with easy access.

Hair cut:

If you are a permanent eye wearer and wear them on and off during your office work only. So if you are deciding a new haircut, don’t forget to bring them with you when you are visiting your hairstylist. With these ways, you will be ensuring that your hairstyle is going to match with your safety eyewear.

  • A bold look for a soft frame
  • A soft look for a bold frame

Many people go with fringe but well maintenance is necessary. Fringe style with a frame can give you a fabulous style but to make sure, keep the length of your hairs above your specs for a balanced look. You can go with light frames and avoid large, heavy, and dark look.

Hair color:

Which type of hair do you like most bold, light, dark, or something experimental? You must keep the best match with your basic hair tone whether you are going to dye your hair or want to go with natural color. For black or brown hair, a dark or metallic frame is suggested that will not only enhance your frame but your haircut as well. On the other hand, blonds will go best your RX safety glasses with a thinner or lighter and rimless would be a great choice for a clean and classic look.  The redhead is the only option that can go with almost all frames colors except yellow and white frames. It is the best option for those who are free to any experiment.


Bring some changing in your hairstyle could be the best option who has a multiple pair of frames. If you are crazy to show off your designer eyewear that is just outstanding and doesn’t want to lose this chance in front of your friends. Simply pull your hair back tightly and now your face is ready to jump straight out. The same effect can apply on short hair as well. Many people wear reading prescription eyeglasses just to divert or draw attention from their hairstyle. For the complicated hairstyle, make a mix with an outstanding frame for getting good attention. On the other hand, if you like to draw moderate attention between your eyes and glasses, try to show your hair with some volume. You can keep some curly or can wrap and mix with a thin and small frame. With straight or blow dry hair and side parting, a square frame is the best option. Suppose you have blond hair and keep in a ponytail, wear eyewear with a graceful cut.

Match frame with the face shape:

Glasses must contrast with your face cut and frame should be at the right scale between your eyes and face.

  • Try wider frames for oval face
  • Narrow frames for rounded face
  • Narrow styled frames for square face
  • Add width frames for an oblong face
  • Narrow frames for high cheekbones and wide frames for narrow eyes, all these features go with a diamond face
  • Narrow frames for heart face


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