Common Habits that Prevent Stroke and Heart attack

Problems of blood vessels, blood thickness or blood clotting are proven Fatal. In fact, these problems cause harmful diseases such as heart attack and stroke, while lungs and other physical organs can harm.

Do not ignore these stroke signals; Eat a piece of chocolate several times a week.

Several medical research reports have shown that the dark chocolate is beneficial for the health of heart, due to which the chemical is fluonide which helps the patients stay elastic. The result of this sweet gift is also less likely to bleed, while the harmful cholesterol level does not increase.

Use every morning of vitamin B

In a Swiss research, it came to know that the combination of folic acid, vitamins B and vitamins B12, such as vitamins, can prevent blood vessels from reducing the risk of Heart attack.

Proper Sleep

In a Harvard University research, it came to pass that sleeping less than seven hours enhances the risk of heart attack, while the duration reduces the amount of hormones causing tension, increase blood pressure and increase the level of blood sugar level.

Here is some best practice in daily routine life which can prevent you from heart attack.

Eat fish once a week

According to a research, people who are used to eat fish once a week, have a risk of death from a heart attack, less than a third. The results of this research were confirmed in many more medical research reports.

Fiber-friendly breakfast

According to Harvard University research, the fiber-rich breakfast four times a week reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, which is beneficial to use.

At least two cups of tea

Black or green, use at least two cups of tea daily reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. According to a Dutch research, drinking three cups of tea daily reduces the danger of heart attack risk by eleventh percent.

Have taste of pulses (Daals) and Pease

A research  study revealed that those who like pulses and peas, they have blood nerves that reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by twenty to twenty percent.

Daily an Orange.

Drinking this fruit daily or eating a glass of juice also helps in preventing the disease and disease. Orange  is rich in vitamins that reduces the risk of stroke, especially if you are accustomed to smoking. This benefit can be obtained from straws by removing freight.

Avoid soft drinks

In an American study, it came to know that sweet drinks cause vomiting in the body, which can lead to adverse heart disease.

A glass of water in every two hours

In a US study, it came to pass that the habit of drinking water more than five glasses significantly reduces the risk of death from Heart attack, due to which the proper amount of water in the body is blood Flow smoothly, but due to de-hydration, this fluctuations affect the risk of bleeding or thickening.

Ginger  and Turmeric.

Use of Ginger and turmeric in daily routine can prevent you from sever heart attack and stroke as well. It contain the resistance element against blood cloting vessels.

Do not stop urine.

In a Taiwan University research, it is said that prevention of urine for long stimulates heart rate, which causes stress on patients, which can lead to a movement which can lead to heart attack.

Take Care Blood Pressure 

In many medical research reports it has been noted that not taking care of blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart attack, as well as avoiding smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol is also necessary.

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