Cabbage – Treasure of Health

Experts are considering cabbage as super food like Brussels Sproutes, because every day its new benefits are discovering. It contains the powerful ingredients and fiber treasures that fight cancer. Its basic is from brassica family and that is why it is a treasure of health.

According to experts, one cup flower cabbage contain 27 calories only. It has two gram proteins, 5.3 grams carbohydrates, two gram sugar and more than two grams of fibers. In addition, Vitamin C, Folait, Vitamins, and Vitamins B6 are also found in big quantity. However, it is amazing that it contains fatty zero.

Benefits of cabbage :- 

Cabbage is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent disaster and disorders at the cell level, that’s why it stops inflammation, internal irritation and many types of cancer.

Cabbage is extremely useful for stomach and it plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. On the other side, the amount of magnesium in cabbage is extremely useful for muscles and brain.

The cabbage contain Folait & vitamin B6  which keep brain and nervous system in a healthy condition. It maintains the minerals and ‘vitamin’ present in bones and the bones become healthy and strong. It does not increase the amount of calorie for weight.

Cabbage will be more useful if used with salads, yogurt and potatoes. If it is mixed with white rice or spicy rice, the children also enjoy it happily.

According to experts, cabbage nutrition can be cooked in any way in any form, which does not matter, but by boiling it, its nutrients are lost.

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