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The Best Hair Care Products With Natural Hair

An Overview of Natural Hair

Natural or textured hair is diverse and can range from being silky, with loose waves of elastics with tight coils. Categorization systems such as Andre Walker types one to four (see Resources) and the LOIS system (see Resources) can help determine their hair texture, although most black and mulatto people have more than one type of Texture on his head. Many hair texture is the most fragile of all hair types and can be very dry, so gentle care and regular maintenance is vital.

Healthy Hair

The first step to getting beautiful natural hair is good health and nutrition. A balanced die, regular exercise, six to eight glasses of water a day and vitamin supplements, such as biotin or MSM, will greatly benefit your hair. Hair products are also essential aspects for good hair care, but the great selection of products can make it difficult to find the right one for you.

Shopping Around

Being prepared to experiment and not think about a product that works for someone else will work automatically. Learn and work with your own type of hair, to find out what it best responds to. Stay away from products that use silicone, as it coats the hair fiber and prevents moisture from entering. Oils and oil bases should also be avoided as they clog the pores of the scalp, causing irritation and follicle damage. Natural ingredients and water soluble products work best with natural hair, and the use of charged chemicals should be limited.

Afroveda Cleanse

Ayurvedic herbs and pure essential oils are the main ingredients of Afroveda hair products inspired in India. The bar of carrot seed shampoo is filled with beta carotene and vitamin A to relieve dryness while gently cleansing delicate natural hair. Olive oil and unrefined shea butter combine to provide nourishment to the hair shaft, leaving hair soft and manageable.

Karen Hermosa’s Body: Condition

For a deep conditioning treatment, treat beautiful hair body Deep Karen Conditioner. Made from ingredients such as jojoba oil, echinacea and essential oils, this treatment replenishes and hydrates the hair and scalp, transforming dry and fragile hair to soft and supple. The added panthenol softens the cuticles, sealing the hair follicle to retain moisture levels. You can even select your own fragrance from an extensive list, which includes Egyptian Musk, Guava Garnet and Creamy Coco Mango.

Handmade Oyin: Conditioner

Natural Oyin products are home made and work well with different textures of natural hair. For a non-rinse conditioner, try the beat pudding. The moisturizing foundation is light and easy to absorb into the hair, while shea butter and cocoa, castor oil, pure aloe vera gel and spring water combine to produce an instant conditioner that can be folded like a Pre-shampoo or deep treatment. The aerated light formula has a vanilla aroma with chocolate and can be used on damp or dry hair.

By Darcy Botanicals: Styling

For women with curly or wavy hair, try Darcy Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly. This product contains organic ingredients such as coconut cream, aloe juice and brown rice extract. The result is a blend of quality that adds definition of curls and waves, while eliminating frizz and sufficient retention availability and the condition of keeping your hair looking good all day long.

Carol’s Daughter: Clarifying

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It is a good idea to rinse your hair at least once a month, and Carol’s rosemary and mint Purification Duo Shampoo and Conditioner does the job very well without removing hair from its natural oils. Toning shampoo eliminates product build-up while the conditioner softens and moisturizes.

For more information about other cleansing shampoos, check out the top list of natural clarifying shampoos.


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