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A Beginners Guide To Using Protein Powder

If we walk into a local gym, one of the most common sounds we will be hearing is rattling of a shaker bottle. Supplementation nowadays play a vital role in the fitness lifestyle, so we should know what to use from a wide specter of products.

One of the most used supplements in the world is the protein powder. It is created by various ingredients mainly whey and soy, and its almost everywhere in the supermarkets, a supplement that is cemented in our minds and diet programs.

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Many people who are going to the gym are most likely using protein powders, without considering why they need protein powder at all. If we ask top dietitian or nutrition coaches, what is their opinion on this their answer would be quite simple. The reason to use protein powder would be to secure our protein intake goal for the day. However if that intake is secured from real food, protein powder is not needed. But considering today environment filled with hard work, time for preparing food is shortened, we turn to protein powder as our ally.

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The most common uses for protein powder during the day would be as a meal replacement. Adding vegetables or serving fruits can contribute of making some sort of a super shakes, for example: 2 scoops of protein powder, 1-2 cups of vegetables, fruit , almond milk/regular milk. A great recipe for a meal replacement when we are running out of time.

Second most common use of protein powder would be Post-Workout. This has been shown to be beneficial in a way of helping the body recover after a tough training and possible increase the muscle and strength gain.

To sum up, protein powders may be beneficial way to take in calories but it does not mean they are always the best option. Real food is always our best bet for getting the most important nutrients in our body.


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