Alone, Not Lonely – 7

There are people who are (fill in blank from Christian to Vegetarian, from football fanatics to video freaks) because those around them are.

When those people leave and are replaced by others,  there are people who do an about face, and change  into  those they associate are.

They are chameleons because they have no idea what they are, or want, because they never were or liked (fill in) they simply ‘went along with the crowd’.

These are people who go along with whatever crowd they are with, because they don’t actually exist.

Many people do not exist as independent entities, they are sheep, sticking to the flock.


If the flock is walking into a slaughterhouse, they walk in, because they are incapable of being alone.

One can not herd cats because cats are not creatures which ‘go along with the crowd’.   This is because each cat is independent.

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