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8 Exercises to Improve Circulation

7 exercises for increasing blood flow and circulation in feet and legs.

  • Walking
  • Body Weight Squats—when squatting don’t let knees go past the feet.
  • Exercise Ball against wall involves placing ball behind your back and moving down and up. I have my own ball that I won at 24 Hour Fitness Raffle.
  • Raise heels and toes up and down
  • Use a Roller. Place on floor, and roll it with your calf and legs. Use the other side of the legs. (I need to use the one in the gym).
  • Lie down with pillows under your legs and under your neck. (I already do this a lot).
  • Cycling exercise, in which I can use my huffy bicycles and go for a short ride.
  • Stretch your calf muscles with a strap. Also, do hamstring stretch.


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