5 Weight Loss Tips For 2020

It’s a new year and almost everybody sets a goal to lose weight.  

New Year.  New You.  Right?  (I say that every year.)

Let me help you (and help myself) in this endeavor.  We got this!  LOL.


#3 Counting Calories, Etc. OK!

So dieting requires discipline.  It's not like we don't know that already!

#4 You Know What They Say. SOUP is Good Food!

You have to eat.  Besides ... January is a good soup month.  This is a good start to achieving your weight loss goals.  Enjoy!

#5 Take It Off and Keep It Off! Here’s One Way.


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    • My weight loss story is kind of weird. Before I started having babies, my weight used to go up and down. I finally started only eating salads. Basically I cut out carbs and ate small meat portions. That kept the weight down. But I had no fun eating! LOL. Then I started having kids and it’s the strangest. Whereas most women gain weight from pregnancy. I lost weight! (O.o) My weight stayed stable for years. Now I’m no longer having babies and my weight has gone back up. I blame old age and a sedentary lifestyle. But I know I’m just making excuses. I know I could shed the pounds if I really put effort into it. This year will be the year I drop 25 pounds. That’s not a lot to lose. I just haven’t really tried. I keep thinking of all the years I denied myself and ate salads. LOL.


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