5 Tips to Slim Down in 10 days

Do you want to reduce your weight in ten days? If you follow a healthy system, eat correctly and exercise regularly you can easily shed the excess weight. You have to be calorie conscious for waist training and eat at least five to six small meals every day.

Here are five tips for reducing your weight:

1. Food you eat:

The food should also be low in carbohydrates and fats like Omega 3, olive oil, flaxseed, and on correct amount of healthy fat diet and protein. Taking green vegetables is necessary. Green vegetables clean our body and are rich in carbohydrates and fibers.

2. Work-outs:

Complete sit-ups, going down on your knees, lifting your legs, leaning and abdominal crunches are really helpful. Lift your shoulders and head above. Take a few strong breaths and then come back to the starting point. You may feel pressure in abdomen muscles. Bear in mind, not to hold your hands at the back of your head while you do abdominal crunches.

3. Exercise:

Plank Exercise is one of the best exercises for your heart. It constructs isometric strength to help shape the waistline and improves the posture. You can also engage your arms, shoulders and back depending on the plank. There are various types of plank exercises to practice. They are one-legged plank, side plank and forearm planks.

4. Trim your Waist:

There is one big falsehood that doing crunches alone can help in reducing waist line. Crunches are necessary. But, they only build up the main muscles.  To get results and also to drop fat in the region of waist, it is very essential to merge high intensity interval training moves alongside. You can begin with cardio moves like walking, jumping and skipping.

5. Running:

Jogging on a regular basis makes strong bones, increases cardiovascular strength and helps in a healthy weight. The variation between jogging and running is in its power. They both are types of aerobic exercise.


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