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Nissan Juke – 365 Photos Challenge 99

I visited a car lot with a colleague of mine this past weekend because she wanted to pick her car up, but ended up purchasing a new one after a debate on the money she was putting into her old car and the benefits of purchasing a new one. During our time at the car lot, I threw many pitches at the salesmen because I took an interest in this Nissan Juke, which I featured. Prior to this vehicle catching my eye, I had never seen a Nissan Juke, but I would like to look in to it more. It was a huge relief not having the salesman throwing offers at me, even though I did make it obvious that I was interested in this vehicle as a graduation present to myself. What do you think? 

Photo shared as part of the  365 Photos Challenge 

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What do you think?

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


  1. It is my college graduation : )

    As for the hashtags, they still do not work. I am just going to continue to do it the way that I have been doing it by adding them in my writings.

  2. When I was working as a call reviewer, I always heard clients looking for Juke so I thought it was such a nice car. I don’t know much about cars in general but based on what I saw here, I can say it is a very good car. Congratulations in advance!

    • Thank you as always Sharon. I will try to do research on it and share as much information as I can. I do plan to take a look at one next week that is enroute to my job.

    • That I am aware of, I currently drive a Nissan Sentra and it is great on gas. So far in my lifetime I have had 3 Nissan vehicles and they all were great cars.