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Ford 350 Gt Mustang in UdonThani

Like to go and see the classic cars when on display in UdonThani. This ford Mustang I like a lot.  On the display they have many old Classic Cars here is some more photos you can share or keep for your collection.

This ford Mustand GT,350 was possibly brought to UdonThani like all the other classic American cars in the 70s when America had an Airforce base in UdonThani. The car is in in Excellent condition for its age and worth a fair bit now to collectors. If you would like to comment and share more info on this model it would be great, I am not sure about its value or how the car use to run.

As you can see from the photos the car is in great condition.

If I had spare cash I would like to own one and Run it at weekends. Nothing like having a classic cat that looks great.    have some more nice classic car photos I will share with you all.

Regards, Charles


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Written by Charles law