Zombie WIP

“What are these WIPs he’s always talking about?” Some of you might be asking. WIP is an acronym for Work In Progress and is meant to indicate that the piece isn’t finished. Indeed, this is only a study in zombies- surfacing, lighting and render settings are all I care about here. This guy might show up in the background of something else but he isn’t meant to become a final version some day…

Other of my WIPs are going to be finished versions when they grow up, but this isn’t one of them.

#1 work in progress

As an artist, if I have a dark piece then I'm going to want some sharp lights to balance the image out but that's just me. It's probably all my weiqi training bleeding over into other areas of my life...

#2 rough sketch

I love found edges in a sketch almost as much as I like lost edges...

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