Yet She Learned to Hear (A Tribute to Helen Keller)

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I want you to take moment to think about this Helen Keller proved that despite unimaginable odds you can find success it is but for God’s grace!

Blind from infancy,

And still she saw the world,

With eager fingers across the pages,

Of the Earth’s surfaces,

Deaf too,

Yet she learned to “hear ”

Those around her,

With the slight press of her finger’s

Against there throat.

Blind and deaf,

And still she went to college,

Getting a bachelor’s degree,

The first blind-deaf person to hold such honor,

yet she didn’t stop there,

She wrote books still read today,

Acted in movies when movies were still new,

And perhaps the greatest achievement of all she gave speeches,

All because somebody believed in her,

While other’s said she’d amount to nothing.

(c) Michelle R Kidwell


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