WIP for A Study in Lavender

I believe that I’ve mentioned something about working with a restricted palette before. This piece also has some very desaturated pastel hues so the piece shouldn’t have a notion of vivid colors, yet it does somehow. I am also letting the focus slip around the edges because that compliments the vibe I have cultivated here (sharp edges wouldn’t work at all).

At any rate, this piece is a study in lavender, which is where the title is derived (there are plenty of rose hues as well, the title is a misnomer)

#1 work in progress

The soft focus and limited palette sorta have a Final Fantasy look and feel. Not entirely, but somewhat. The skyline and her far away gaze also help to cultivate that vibe

    • I wanted to do a soft pastel approach but some of those hues seem too vivid for pastel… Sometimes you have to be willing to depart from your original vision in order to achieve the optimal result


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