Visions of Springtime 2018

On Saturday, March 3rd, I went to another art reception. As I checked out different artwork, I noticed some springtime inspiration. The reception was from 5 pm to 7 pm, but I arrived late at 5:30 pm. The small art gallery was already crowded, in which I liked it better because it makes my video more entertaining and social, as I capture different people socializing, discussing on art, and munching on snacks. There is also a 2-man band, in which I didn’t need to add any music.

The artwork in this video tend to encourage traveling and going on vacations to such places as Greece, Baja, Mexico, deserts, garden parties, London’s Leake Street, Vietnam, and European countries.

I also notice a lot of bold colors, which are similar to the bold colors of flowers that bloom in springtime.


What do you think?

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