Artists Awards May 2018 Show

The weather was nice on Saturday, May 26th. Dressed in leggings with faded graphics, coral tank top, faded purple long sleeve blouse, a knit coral poncho, colorful beanie I made while watching a YouTube demo, and fake UGG-like ankle boots with pompoms, I drive to South Coast Plaza in my yellow Beetle at 5:15 pm. I arrive late, which is even better because the art gallery is filled with people mingling, eating and chatting, and there is a two-man jazz band playing in the background. So, I dive into the action, swimming between people, as I turn on my iPhone6 and survey the art on display. I was running around, back and forth, and I ran into some people I haven’t seen in a long time because some artists don’t attend every reception. So, I stopped to chat and catchup on their latest activities since I last saw them at the art gallery. It was kind of a reunion show for me.


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