OC Summer 2018 Art

Saturday, June 30, 2018

I woke up at around noon and got ready to go to an art gallery reception. I realized that I had three bills that I forgot to mail Friday. But when I arrived at the bigger post office, I realized that they close at 2 pm on Saturday. So, I guess I will wait to drop them off on Monday morning. I arrived the art gallery a little early, and I ended up doing 4 videos and 5 snapshots with my iPhone. The videos are mostly short, but I decided to do each from a different perspective. I returned home at 7 pm, and I decided to make a cup of Bavarian Coffee with my Bodum French Press.

This video is the first video, showcasing the art on display. The art I mostly noticed and was drawn to are the ones about summertime activities and pastimes as well as animals.


What do you think?

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