Love ItLove It



A constant currency of energy

Vibing thru our Universal economy

They say love’s the vibration

of timeless synergy,

And you,

You appeal as a source of sensation

What I feel is it me,

Or just a sweet temptation…

Curiosity perceives opportunity

So the cat throws caution to the wind,

By hors d’oeuvres I’m feeding off

out of your dish

Eye’s the wiser now,

A wish answered from above

My, my, my,

The university’s delivered

right up to my door…

Stimulations elated by conversation

My corpuscles are redder for your cheddar

I’m bleeding for more,

What you say Miss witty,

Since there’s too much noise in the city

I can’t help but wonder

How bout an escape to the wilderness?

Perhaps a Chateau on the country

Maybe a cabin in the woods,

Alongside a cool running stream

we two can hide away from the bustle…

Your loveliness,

Seeing we’re both in need

of some well deserved relaxation

I’m saying

No hesitation

No script

No expectation

Just lots of honest conversation,

Within our orbit

If there be any,

we too can melt away bewilderedness…

I take my coffee black

I prefer Espresso,

About anything and everything

We can chit-chat

We two can talk

So let me hear you express so,

And if you’re up to it,

You then lead me

up into the plateau of your soul…

No timer no clock

Should we run out of things to say

What the heck

let’s just chill off the Vibing,

If you don’t mind me do so

I can help release some tension

from your feet,

Better yet if you want me to

I can rub you the right way

Down n’ up your shoulders

All around your neck

till you tell me stop.

No interruptions no blocks

Until the window blinds

are filled with rays of sun

No script

No expectation

We just feel our way…

Night into the light of day

Slow be the motion

Floating on a cloud of emotion

Your vibe n’ my vibe

sail away upon it’s ocean,

Whatever’s the magic of the moment

We Vibe in thru this potion

Basking with this notion of vibration,

The vibration

of ‘just being’…


Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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  1. Brandley you inspire us all to love in thee moment. Your poetry is a treasure to all that have the honor of reading it. If I have missed any of your post I am sorry. They are not showing up in the latest. I wil check!

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