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Using Conte in Art Work

I like using Conte in Art work. I prefer the traditional Sepia colours of burnt sienna and burnt umber the way Michaelangelo and Leonardo De Vinci used.

So I will put in some pictures with my drawings of conte. The above are dancers.

This is a profile that I drew that is not from a person or a photograph. You can see some of my materials here.

When I do this type of work it is along proportions. Now when doing a drawing or a painting, the picture in progress is always a two way conversation – I let the picture tell me what I need to do.

Just like in life, if you want it to be real. Be yourself.

This is my Grand Mother at Ellerslie races, Auckland, New Zealand in the 1940s before I was born. My grand mother here was Mum’s mother. She is wearing fox fur as they did in those days.

More drawings another time..


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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