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Tinteretto – the devil in cat form

I wish I had a better photo of him, I will seek out something in my old archives.

Tinteretto was the equivalent of a cat twice the size of a normal cat, long legs, lean and very fit. He would sit on my lap and I would not notice he was there until I got up, and the he would hiss and his claws would go into my lap. He put Rick who is sitting here, into sticking plaster several times but we both loved him.

This couch has been destroyed by the same cat, he has torn our wall paper. He would bounce in through the window at 5 am and meow for cat food. If you didn’t get up he threw everything on the shelves on the floor and if I threw a pillow at him Rick would tell me off. He got breakfast, he would not like it, give him something different, he would not like that either and on the 3rd time I gave up. 

Vet food is what he should have from when he was a kitten. He died at 11 years of age from liver failure.

I did not know him as a kitten, but he got his paws into halo green oil paint and walked all over the room. Then he got onto net curtains, turned his back and slid down the nets with his claws still in the curtains.

He beat up every other cat in the neighbourhood. He could run faster than all of them. He was one tough cookie for a cat. 

Yet We both loved him and in his own way he loved us. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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