Time of childhood, in my colors.

It is said that in the past everything a pleasant, was more colorful. The sky was bluer, the sun was shining and the grass is more greener. I have experienced a more intense childhood. That’s how I painted it in bright colors as I experienced it.

I lived on the edge of a small town. Behind the fence, I had sight ponds and groves. Morning times were very beautiful. Birds sang early songs, wild ducks flew from one pond to another. Swans floated on the water as a sailboat.

In every season the kids games outdoors a fun. Hide and seek, playing at pirates on water, soccer and ice skating in winter on ponds. Returning home in the evening so tired.

Remembrance of my childrens aviette remained. Waiting for the wind and far flying range. The feeling of victory over gravity is amazing.

Walks and rambles with my happy dog in my memory. Indian summer  and rustles the leaves of all colors falling down. So these are pieces of my childhood.

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Written by Paul Pulszartti