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Go to the atmosphere of calm.

It is so important to our lives – calm and peace of mind. I expressed it in a painting full of turquoise. Naming colors is derived from turquoise, stone, which was sacred to the ancient civilizations, bringing happiness and protection.

It combines the beneficial effects of blue and green and it purifies us and strengthens. It has a calming effect on the body and soul.

It supports our confidence and imagination. Important elements for human being.

Sometimes it is in our days too fast. I express in painting the windows in the room, and the alternation of night to day. It is important to make time for rest body and soul. To find a balance of work and rest. Do not forget your close and distant ones.

The greatest value we can give is time. The real precious gift for family and friends, your dedicated time for them. Memories of common moments in love, joy and happiness can not be bought.

I am glad that I can share my thoughts, especially in my painting creation. Thanks for your time, attention to my work.

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Written by Paul Pulszartti

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