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The elapsed and the new year.

I believe that life changes should come from external impulses. You should not do just because someone somewhere said that the New Year is a good idea to put resolutions. Real change must come from you and your innermost desires of a deep conviction that something in your life is not as it should be. They can come at any time, at Easter, as well as on summer vacation – and should be put into practice immediately in the moment when you realize their necessity.

Try in the next year not to measure their “success” to how much you fulfill the expectations of others. Look rather to how you were satisfied with themselves.

It is good to celebrate together with full table, with the people that we love. Remember the good and nice together. So the old year fades, though neither was quietly and gingerly, one after another. Always comes more and more, making their way, again blows time. Eternal cycle. So welcome to the New Year, let your footprint very readable and kind to all of us.


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Written by Paul Pulszartti

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