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The Thailand Photography Adventure

Friday, 6.21.19

This evening, I decided to go to a Canon Photography Reception for three photographers, Ashley Joanne, Daniel Brittain, and Alex Morehouse. They talked about their photography trip to the southern part of Thailand, where they photographed the Thai people, culture, traditions, food, nature, and tropical country. They enjoyed their Thai adventure traveling throughout the cities, meeting different people, and taking memorable photographs of the people and the country. It was interesting to hear about their trip as well as check out their enlarged lighted photographs posted through the Canon Experience Center, as we snacked on food and dessert. 


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    • this is the first mannequin photo i ever did at a summer photography class at UCI, during the early 90s. this photo started me into my mannequin photography craze because everyone in that class liked this photo as well as this mannequin from a different angle with a vw bug in the background. hence, i should use this mannequin as my signature logo…

      • Sure, this photo does have some stuff. The figure/ground relationship is complex. The false perspective of the man – is he foreground or background? The mannequin is rather animated for a dummy as well. I can see how this could become a craze – the windows and ghost images etc… Nice.

        • the man is the reflection in the background of the window display, as i was shooting the mannequin in the window. she was my main focus, but the reflection made the composition for the storytelling scene.


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