Love ItLove It

The Loveness…

The Loveness…

Beak, beak,



Sensing on my bee antenna

There are potions strong

Potent as the sweet of ginseng

Calling me like rolling oceans

Bird I’m feeling all of your emotions…


Your x-ray eyes I thee fantasize

Now see me how I see you

Don’t be waning like the moon

Not right now oh no,

Bird seed capsaicin bell

My temperature’s raising

Can’t you tell

how I need your flow…



Oh I see

you must be strung

Boo you tripping

on your own damn ooh

Tho I’ve got the cure

Me telling you

I’m just as sprung,

Hung up off these d’oeuvres

Bird it’s time to feed

off more than just the verbs…


Lets go pair

High up in the air

Right around the world

in just one night

Pure D’or come thru my door

Take me to that special place,

Face to face hold onto my waist

This flight affair

Can you make it like poetry?


Motions from the winds that blow

Girl I’m like the oceans

I go it fast I go it slow

You gave the go

So now you gets to glow,

Waltzing skies we gon soar

Into your garden loveness

Me I’ll sow a tree

I row it like poetry

My love it knows

It knows the floetry of poetry, poetry…


My he-man

Strong of seamen

You are my Beeness,

Loveness above this

I’m your Venus

Hungered for your love

I overflow with sweetness,

Ready to row

Not too fast

Not too slow

You just need to know

what a bird needs,

Make it flow

Make it glow

Make it like

Poetry, poetry, poetry…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil